West Aust State Shipping Commission.

5th November 2006, 07:01
Do any of the Oz shipmates know if this operation.."STATESHIPS" still exists?
Clive....where are you.!!(==D)
I came across a reference to 3 General Purpose Cargo Ships.."Roberta Jull","Gordon Reid" and "Frank Konecny"..1990/1571grt/270teu..THAT..WERE..ACTUALLY..BUILT..IN..AUSTRALIA ..!!!!
No record of them on Equasis.
Any help greatfully received, a pic even more so.
David D.

Jan Hendrik
5th November 2006, 09:48
Stateships died some years ago.
They are still listed as having one employee and their tax payers budget for 2006 is listed as 4 million dollars.
One of their last ships around was the KIMBERLEY and you find few photos of her in the gallery.
Here you find their latest financial report.