Don A.Macleod
5th November 2006, 15:27
Have put an old pic on gallery. Don.

Tony Selman
6th November 2006, 21:07
Don, can you post it on here where I think more people will see it. There are some well known Brocklebank names there. I think this would have been taken in approx January 1964 because I joined as a first tripper in March 1964 and I was not there for this photo or I would have remembered it. I think I know everyone except for one person I can't remember, or recognise. Between us I am sure we will sort out the names.

Wonderful memories.



Don A.Macleod
7th November 2006, 12:38
but you were there Tony, it was my third and last trip on MATRA.We were in Colombo for a long anchorage then went to Bombay for a full load of sugar which was destined for Liverpool or Greenock (Liverpool won!)

Don A.Macleod
7th November 2006, 13:45
Thanks for the guidance Tony, hadn't got myself familiarised with SN postings.
Back row;-Mike James, self,John Bishop(5th.eng.)Bob Webb(purser/ch.stew,)Brian Saunders(Sen.3rd eng.)
Middle row(standing);- Derek Machin(2nd eng),Dougie Cullen(Assist purser)Middle row(sitting):- John Monroe(, John Campbell(Sen.elect).
Front:- Evan Thomas Williams(your boss!).Nigel James(2nd off.)

Don A.Macleod
7th November 2006, 21:12
Got the pics, a... for t.. there, Matra was in Bombay July 64, we signed off in Liverpool 24th Aug.64 Tony. Only got this new scanner on Friday and still getting the hang of it! Browsing can be dangerous at times.

Tony Selman
8th November 2006, 11:07
A bad memory can be a bad thing as well it seems. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't in the picture because whilst I was by no means a good footballer I would have had a go. I recall now that Mike James and I had played rugby for Colombo Cricket and Hockey Club and I had badly injured my shoulder and had it in a sling for 6 weeks. That would explain it. I might well have been excluded because I was one of the few who did not grow a beard.

I well remember the trip to Bombay because it was most unusual for Brock's ships to load there.

Thanks for posting a really nostalgic photo for me. You have also filled in a couple of names I had forgotten.