Missing thumbnails

6th November 2006, 23:36
No, the title of this thread does not mean I've been interrogated by the Secret Police - I have found over the last few days that I am unable to open thumbnails within threads, I just get 'Attached Thumbnails' in blue text. Everything else on SN is working properly and the only alteration to my computer is that I have recently loaded Zone Alarm Security Suite.
Having said that, the rest of the internet is working OK.

Can anyone help?


7th November 2006, 04:01
Hi Derek,

It seems more than a coincidence that this problem arose after you installed Zone Alarm. I suggest you try to confirm that this is the problem by temporarily disabling it. I have another firewall but most of them place an icon in the system tray (bottom right hand corner of the screen). Try clicking on the icon (or right-clicking on it) and you should find a means of shutting it off. Then retest and if the problem goes away you will need to modify the setup. Hopefully someone else on the site will be able to tell you how to do this for your firewall product.



7th November 2006, 14:35
Enter Zone Alarm. Click on program control. Click on PROGRAMS tab. Look for any entry with 'Shipsnostalgia' in it. Right click and remove it. OR
Click on the TOP entry, then scroll to the BOTTOM entry & click on it while holding down the SHIFT key. You should see all the entries slightly highlighted.
RIGHT Click & REMOVE. This will remove all permissions for all programes, so in effect you will have to give PERMISSION to all progs as you use them again.
OR by any chance, are you using Firefix with NoScript running ??
If you are, then click NoScript & ALLOW shipsnostalgia.com.

Hope this helps(Thumb)

7th November 2006, 23:46
Thanks for your help boys. The problem was indeed in ZA in the 'Privacy' sector.