Brocklebanks and beyond

28th October 2004, 11:32
Started life with T & J Brocklebank back in '64. Thought I was set for life
Later after sailing as third and second mate I was forcibly removed to Moss Tankers, managed by Brocklebanks. Sometime later I was equally forcibly removed from Moss Tankers, but by then P&O were our masters. Now living in the wilds of Swaledale (North Yorkshire). Am looking for photographs of a past life, both Brocks and Moss.

I found this site by chance in my quest for photos. Looks the job.

28th October 2004, 19:29
Welcome on board SN.The site has been going from strength to strength and I/m sure you will find something here for you.Look forward to seeing you on the site.

31st October 2004, 17:05
Hello and welcome R7 !

Doug Rogers
31st October 2004, 23:10
Hello and welcome to the growing band.
I am intrigued by your ID - do I guess right when I say its your old Seamans Record Book I.D. ????

3rd November 2004, 07:07
Hi Doug

You got it, it's the old discharge book number. Handy to have a six figure number to hand in this age of PIN numbers - and one digit removed from my mobile phone number. On another tack the ships of the old brock fleet make handy passwords, need a new one every 25 days and repeats are limited.



Doug Rogers
4th November 2004, 00:42
Hi there,
Glad that I picked it right, once seen never forgotten - have still got my two tucked away in a draw - one of these days soon I must dig all that stuff out and see if the Aust National Maritime Museum want to keep them. Your other tack is spot on as well - I used to have the same troubles in my working days and used the names of various classes of RN vessels - did that for years and never came close to running out.

14th November 2004, 15:33
Good arrived to the site and regards from Italy.