Internet Expl 7

John Rogers
7th November 2006, 21:22
MS IE7 is now available for free download, I made the mistake of installing it about three weeks ago, I have had no problems prior to this. Now web pages are freezing and error reports popping up. It has some bugs in it, so dont be in a big rush to get it. Stick with IE6 for awhile longer.

Hugh MacLean
7th November 2006, 21:36
Hello John,

I have downloaded IE7 as well. I have had no problems as yet but I much prefer IE6.

If it wasn't for the fact that I need IE for web site development, I would go to Firefox.


John Rogers
7th November 2006, 22:43
One of its problems Hugh is that the security level is very high on IE7 and it does not open some web pages so I downloaded some Power Tools from MS to right click on the tools menu and select (Add Site To Most Trusted) and it has so far worked.

Joe Rooney
7th November 2006, 23:52
My local service provider downloaded IE7 into my system last week.
Immediately afterwards, I commenced having problems, most seemingly from the enhanced security . Sites and messages which have arrived unscathed for years were suddenly blocked, or held up various ways.

When I called my provider to question this download, I was told that it was considered a normal upgrade, and I shouldn't have any problems!

Finally, the service tech and I reached an online agreement. He would take me back to IE6, (Which has been fairly dependable.) and I would only accept IE7, or whatever when I was good and ready, and given advance notice!

I hate to think what we can expect from Vista, when and if, it ever arrives!

Regards, Joe

John Rogers
8th November 2006, 00:43
Good for you Joe,that is my problem but I am working around it.

Hugh MacLean
8th November 2006, 16:50
Hello John,

I believe it is, or shortly will be, part of automatic download. That way Microsoft guarantee a maximum take up rate of the new browser.


Mad Landsman
8th November 2006, 19:32
why not just switch to Firefox?
It already has most of the features that Microsoft are attempting to fit into IE7, and not apparently succeeding by the sound of it.
You can still have IE available if you need to use it, but if there is anything that will only work with IE just wait a while and Firefox will probably catch up, without screwing up your PC.

K urgess
8th November 2006, 20:05
I'm in the process of dumping Mozilla.(Cloud)
Firefox will not play java. Says the plugin needs downloading and then doesn't download it because it thinks it's already got it. Does other funny things whenever it feels like it.
Thunderbird goes off and does it's own thing. Scrolling down the mailboxes decides to rush to the bottom and stay there. Sometimes shuts itself down and when you try to open it says it's already running although task manager says it isn't. It'll decide it doesn't want to talk to my ISP and I have to reboot the system to get it to work again.
So I've gone back to Outlook because it has more bells & whistles and is now supposed to be reasonably safe to use. My wife has never used anything else and never has problems.
I've downloaded IE7 and been using it for at least a week with no problems at all. Again 'er indoors has been using it since it was released without any problems.
Once I've purged my system completely of Mozilla I may try again with a clean load but I have a feeling that I won't get rid of it without a re-install of Windows XP and that ain't gonna happen except as a very last resort.
There are no viruses, trojans, worms or other nasties resident on my computer that Norton, Zone Alarm, AVG, AdAware or any of the other safeguards can find.

Mad Landsman
8th November 2006, 20:52
Ah! Thanks for that Marconi Sahib! That explains a slight glitch I had a couple of days ago. I didn't bother to investigate just worked round it.
Even though I have been happily using Firefox for some time now I still have IE installed, and usable, and use Outlook rather than Thunderbird.
Just pick what suits you is probably the best option, but if I can avoid contributing to Bill Gates' empire I will do so.

John Rogers
8th November 2006, 21:51
I changed some settings and disabled error sending in my Computer Management Services,I then downloaded Power Tools and intalled that, re-booted and things have been looking good. No errors when the web page is loading.
Touching wood as I type.

8th November 2006, 22:55
owen69,i tried firefox like yousay it lets you down badly.installed ie7 lost all my sites p/words etc,but it seems to be ok up to now,no fan of b. gates either.

9th November 2006, 09:06
I've been using Firefox for ages with no problems. I have downloaded IE7 as well as a backup for sites that aren't Firefox compatible. I haven't come across one for quite a while, so IE very rarely gets run. I haven't had any problems with it though when I have have tried it.
I don't know about Thunderbird, I've never tried using it. For mail I have an AOL account and I've recently started moving over to Hotmail, which seems OK.

9th November 2006, 10:41
The last time I was forced to use IE the prog got infected with a virus/

I have used Firefox since version 1.2 and never had any problems, I also Use PClinux and an ADSL ethernet modem/router so never have to bother with anti virus programs (together with their attendant problems) or any software firewalls. When i do use Windows for the odd application, i just pull the plug on the modem, better safe than sorry.


9th November 2006, 20:14
I've been using Firefox for ages with no problems.

I don't know about Thunderbird, I've never tried using it.

I'm a BIG Firefox and Thunderbird fan.
I'm a Mac user so don't know about other platforms, but neither have let me down yet.

Mozilla - Firefox & Thunderbird (

john shaw
9th November 2006, 20:20
I use Firefox all the time, but have IE still on my PC-- any pages so badly written that they will only open with IE can be viewed by entering Tools and selecting "IE view" or "always view this page in IE"

Frank P
10th November 2006, 02:34
I have been using Firefox for a while now and I have not noticed any problems, it seems to be running as good if not better than microsoft's IE.


10th November 2006, 11:05
Firefox is much smoother than IE and there is a plugin to switch to IE view using Firefox.

14th November 2006, 19:05
I am also a firefox fan but also get tired of the endless downloads of plugins so use IE6 a lot although I enjoy the tabbed browsing of FF. I wont readily move across to IE7 until they at least get the major holes plugged and flaws ironed out (which could take awhile). I didnt like Thunderbird myself, but have been using Eudora in sponsored mode for years and IMHO its the best mailer yet!

John Rogers
14th November 2006, 19:55
IE7 has the tab browsing feature. Not had any more problems with it.

9th December 2006, 23:56
Ive just got IE7 and im liking it alot.

I often have music playing in one tab and two or three sites open in the other. It seems faster than the older IE's

10th December 2006, 17:10
Try Opera
Free, small and fast.

10th December 2006, 22:52
I loaded IE7 a few days ago and up to now have had no trouble with it. I loaded it from Microsoft Updates which included a troubleshooting guide with the main prog.


1st July 2007, 17:14
Never one to rush into new releases of anything from Microsoft, I have also installed IE7 today without incident. It sounds like they have overcome most of the issues with the initial release.

I have not had any problem accessing the sites I normally use


K urgess
1st July 2007, 18:36
I've been running IE7 since before my post above (8th November 2006) and nothing untoward has happened yet.
Not too keen on some features but runs sweetly.


3rd July 2007, 14:50
I got bored of IE7 a while ago and went across to Firefox instead.
Several features of it began to annoy me, little bugs that caused the menu bar to appear and disappear several times a second whenever I changed to a different tab. Surprisingly I never had any problems at all when it was still in beta.

8th July 2007, 18:20
I've downloaded it for evaluation and had no problems (God, I wish I hadn't said that).
I normally use Firefox but need a good cross section of browsers to test my web pages in.