What happened to everyone?

12th November 2006, 21:40
By 1976 it looks as though BP had scrapped virtually all of it's old ships, ie all the midship accommodation vessels. Some newer ones were being introduced but the middle east war of 1974 and the resultant slump in oil being transported led to a major laying up of their ships.
What happened to all the crews? Were there major redundancies or did people just leave? I left BP out of choice in Sept '72 just as the old 16's were getting the chop so was I lucky to have picked the right time?


12th November 2006, 21:47
There were steady rounds of redundancies through to 1986, whereupon EVERYONE was made redundant, and then those that didn't walk after that were taken back on by an offshore agency, who in turn supplied them to BP.

12th November 2006, 22:15
Sounds as though I made the right choice at the right time, more by luck than judgement though. Had a sneaky sort of feeling that things were changing with the passing of the 16's, the introduction of the 200's and the desire to put ever bigger ships into spaces where they didn't really fit.


Don Lorimer
15th November 2006, 05:43
Like you Richard I left by choice in '72 because we thought that things were folding up. Like you it was the right thing to do. I went coasting after that for a short time , but it was never the same.

Chris Woods
23rd November 2006, 08:04
I transferred to BP's North sea fleet in 1980 ('Kiwi) and found that there were a considerable number of ex BP Shipping personnel working on the platforms, rigs and on the service fleets in the North Sea.

Nearly every BP platform had someone I knew or whose name I recognised from the old Fleet News crew lists,