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George Reed
29th October 2004, 22:58
Hello everyone I joined NZSco in 1966. First ship was MV Suffolk built in 1939.
Have just looked through the forums and found a few ships I either stood by the building or sailed on.Also sailed with Denholm Ship Management.Look forward to adding some info and photos. Seems a great web for us old nostalgics.

Doug Rogers
30th October 2004, 02:58
Hi George,
Welcome to Ships Nostalgia and look forward to a few pictures when you get organised.
Doug Rogers

30th October 2004, 19:26
Hi George and welcome on board SN.Glad you/ve found something of interest.The site has quite a following now and look forward to seeing you around.

31st October 2004, 17:04
Hello George welcome to our small but growing band!

7th February 2011, 10:06
i have just joined shipsnostalgia.all my worging life i have been a fisherman but interested in vessels of all kinds. i have been retired for 15 years and
rescently got alaptop so realynot up to workingit yet.

7th February 2011, 14:56

I have seen your hello here. You should have really made your own thread. However on behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. Have a good look around and we are always here to help.


7th February 2011, 15:18
Greetings to both William and George, welcome to SN. Bon voyage.