Prince Line at Tower

david smith
31st October 2004, 09:38
Postcard of a Prince Line ship leaving the Pool of London, about to pass Tower Bridge.

5th December 2005, 22:44
Postcard of a Prince Line ship leaving the Pool of London, about to pass Tower Bridge.
This could be the Lancastrian Prince as we sailed from here to South America in 1967

20th September 2008, 17:47
Yes we used to discharge cork and wine at Butlers wharf.
Gosh is it all so long ago!

B Rgds

j p
27th February 2009, 15:58
i was a able seaman on the tudor prince which looks very much like the prince boat in the picture my time aboard was in 1953 j p

27th February 2009, 16:32
JP - see my gallery for TUDOR PRINCE, also photo of 2 officers on Tudor Prince. My uncle John 'Roy' Perkins was her Chief Mate. Did you know him, and do you recogise the two officers? She was an earlier ship than the one in 'Prince Line at the Tower'. My pics were taken at Famagusta in 1955.

j p
1st March 2009, 19:16
hi signalman sorry i can only remember my cabin mate stanley ashby thanks for message i have very fond memories of famagusta i am very new to computing so i will try to work out how view your pics j p

1st March 2009, 21:09
Can someone who is genned up talk JP through finding pics on the Gallery please - in plain English, as someone kindly did to me when I first joined SN. Thanks, Signalman.

j p
10th March 2009, 17:47
thanks signalman will try to get some help to see your pics looking at my discharge book i see i was also on the maltese prince in 1957 1958 tudorprince in 1956 called in to famagusta both trips j p

j p
11th March 2009, 20:39
hi signalman found my way into gallery with some help sorry i dont recognise your officers it is such a long time ago they may well have been on board with me in 1956 enjoyed your pics thanks again j p

Cornish Wrecker
30th March 2009, 13:42
I am sure we went up to Butlers Wharf on the Maltese Prince in 1962 when there was a potato shortage-potatoes were stacked everywhere on board. However I would go along with the view that it could be the Lancastrian. There is a grand Furness Bermuda Line reunion 15th/16th May 2009 in Surrey as most Furness Bermuda had also served in Prince Line email me for info

9th October 2010, 21:44
Looks like the Lanky to me docked at Butlers wharf then round to St Kathrines dock deep sea from there. Used to love Farmagusta & I now live in Larnaca but won't go over as it is so sad. I was on the Lanky from October 66 thru about March 67 as 1st galley boy then ships peggy in the pantry lovely ship.

Jon Vincent
10th October 2010, 02:50
I was cadet on the "Black Prince" in 1962 and we always went up above Tower bridge after a call at West India docks, it hard to tell as the four hatchers all looked the same except for the "Lanc" as she was the only one with steel hatches.

10th October 2010, 10:20
Lovely postcard. Can I just make out the roof of the GSNC Irongate Wharf office over the Grand Tower buildings ? Now long gone of course
Stuart ( (GSNC fifties amongst others)