Mister John H

19th November 2006, 16:18
Gibraltar 18/11/06
Not too many details yet about where from/where to
but quite photogenic.
Rgds Neill

19th November 2006, 16:55
She is owned by Tidewater Marine delivered from Halter Marine Shipyard in New Orleans August 1974. Gross Tonnage 505. Theres a strong rumour she is bound for Caspian Sea.

20th November 2006, 05:52
She came in from Jebel Ali and her destination is listed as Freeport (BHS)
Rgds Neill

20th November 2006, 06:20
That could soon change Neil we are currently having talks with her owners for 2 vessels. She is one they have offered us.

21st November 2006, 06:09
Oh!!! OK Then I will wait with baited breff!!
Rgds Neill

1st August 2010, 22:02
She was built for Jackson Marine Corp by Halter Marine. 5600hp, powered by two Alco 12V251 with Lufkin Gears. 2x100kw Detroit Gens. Intercon tow winch with 8V71 2,100' 1 1/8" wire. 10 crew.
Her first service was in the North Sea on charter to Brown & Root.