mt british bombadier

26th November 2006, 20:07
6o years ago my first trip to aged 23 ijoined the british bombadier queens dock glasgow as 5th engr 1staug1946 signed off london 1stjun1947 my one and only trip british tankers she was a bit of a freak had dummy funnel a midships relic of her war days i suppose to make her look like a cargo vessel had the persian lion on her funnel exhaust from engine went up the back samson posts loaded oil abadan for rangoon walvis bay port elizabeth cape town aden singapore calcutta
reg london 168521
engines bw 4cly exhaust inlet valves operated by rocker arms camshaftdriven sounded like an old albion bus
che engr cant rember
master john shmyth
albatross1923 r340006

26th November 2006, 20:55
Here's a couple of photos of her, a) as you knew her & b) after the war when she was converted to look like a proper tanker.
I served as an apprentice with Captain John T Smyth on the British Queen in 1962. I only did one quick trip on the Queen so cannot remember too much about him.
Kind regards,
John F.

28th November 2006, 18:10
many thanks for your photos john much appreciated 60years is a long time