Bob S
3rd November 2004, 13:00
TESTBANK (61/6288) passing Tilbury (UK).

13th January 2008, 12:36
not "big bob" 3rd. engineer about 1967. is it?

Duncan Mackay
24th January 2008, 20:01
Is it Bob Sutherland
1966/67 the Geordie 3 rd eng with John Fay ,lecy , engs Samson, Ivan , Halvorsen , old Blue Pearce ch eng, Frank Carrol and P J Elder Master

Duncan Mackay
21st September 2008, 12:52
I recently found a crew list from the Testbank dated August 1966 as follows
Peter J Elder Master , John P Morton Ch Off, Morris K Macleod 2/0 ,
David J Harrod 3/0 , Edwin J Pearse Ch Eng , Walter J Halvorsen 2nd Eng
Robert S Sutherland 3rd Eng, Alexander Samson 4th Eng ,
Francis L Carrol 5th Eng , Ivan B Johnson 6th Eng, John J Fay Elect ,
Kevin J Siddens Elect, Douglas G Smith R/O ,
Timothy J Oakes App, Duncan M Mackay App,
Liang Ching Wen Carpenter
plus seaman, engine room hands and stewards making a total crew of 58 ,how times have changed.