Veeery Interesting thing in Gibraltar

29th November 2006, 15:24
I dont know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do You?????
Rgds Neill

29th November 2006, 15:38
Looks to be some form of mini sub. It looks a bit small to be a rescue sub. One of the 'hush-hush' types perhaps?

29th November 2006, 16:03
Wouldn't be one of those towed sonar array thingies? Well a jumbo sized one anyway(Jester)

29th November 2006, 16:17
No, its an SDV mk????, dont know really wot it's doin here, but makes a nice pic!
Rgds Neill

Richard Green
29th November 2006, 20:20
Just seen a documentary on radio controlled mini subs developed by a Canadian outfit to be used for mine sweeping. Could this be a similar sort of contraption??....

29th November 2006, 22:06
It's a Chinook! (Jester)

30th November 2006, 07:14
Yes Neil, I'm told it's an SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle) (Thumb)

yorky jim
3rd December 2006, 13:45
I like it ,what,s new .
fly any where ,drop ,and do the business.
a new toy for the S.B.S(Thumb)

3rd December 2006, 14:54
what ever it is, its fly by wire