Does Anyone Know The Name

1st December 2006, 17:50
Of a series of short stories about a Chief engineer on a steamer and all of the fortunes and misfortunes. He used to go to the enginerroom in his slippers.
The stories would have been based in the 50's maybe?

I had one, but I gave it to a friend 20 years ago and now I would like to find another copy.

Bruce Carson
1st December 2006, 18:18
Hi JoK:
You may be looking for the "Glencannon" series:

A couple of the sample chapters may be found here:

Bruce C

K urgess
1st December 2006, 18:19
Was this "Glencannon" series by Guy Gilpatric, as in the TV series?

Pipped at the post by 1 minute. Again!(Cloud)

1st December 2006, 18:21
Just pipped at the post myself I was going to say the same person


1st December 2006, 21:54
That's it!!(==D)
I have been racking my brain trying to remember.
Believe or not, I gave to a friend who is a die-hard motor man-2 stoke at that. He wouldn't know a good steam plant if he fell over it.
I thought they were hysterical stories.

3rd December 2006, 16:12
If you go to
and enter
in the search box, you will find dozens & dozens of them. It was a TV series in the late 50s set aboard the tramp steamer INCHCLIFF CASTLE.