Australian Calling Re:Adderley Sleigh.

Clive Anthony Fisher
4th December 2006, 09:51
Looking for details on Norwegian build 1954 tanker Adderley Sleigh.image to would be good.
Regards, Clive.

4th December 2006, 11:08
All I have on her is that she was built by Framnaes Mek. Verk. of Sandefjord & owned by Hvalfangerselskapet Pelagos A/S of Norway. She was a motor ship of 15,900 dwt., built in 1954. I'm sure Alastair will be able to come up with more.....
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john shaw
4th December 2006, 13:02

image at;

details at;


PS you may also be interested in the video of the launch,construction etc at
some classic trials footage and vintage equipment eg radar!