Containership Dates

5th December 2006, 11:55
I am trying to date some photos I have of the Ben Line containerships Benalder, Benavon, and City of Edinburgh. I am intererested to know in what year their on-deck container capacity was increased and in what year did the all grey hull livery with 'Ben Line' in blue on the side appear. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

6th December 2006, 16:22
Benalder built 1972, Benavon 1973, City of Eninburgh also built in 1973.
In January 1982 when they came back in service after having M.A.N. Diesel Engines fitted the container capacity icreased from 2804 to 3028 TEU. I believe it was at this time the blue BEN LINE appeared on the hull.
I hope that is some help !!!!

6th December 2006, 16:41
I took this photo of Benavon in the summer of 1982 and the BEN LINE is not on the hull here........

hasse neren
6th December 2006, 16:46
Hello, mr. Ebenarty and Mr.Thamesphil. One stupid question: the logo on the stern on Ben Line Ships have it always been the same?

6th December 2006, 21:10
Thanks for the replies so far.

I can confirm that the container capacity increased at the same time the ships became motorships. I found an article from Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering International which reports this.

Regarding the hull logo I have had a check of my photos. The latest dated photo I have of the grey and white hull is of the Benavon in 1985. The earliest photo I have of the all grey hull with the blue logo is of the City of Edinburgh in 1989; so the answer lies somewhere between these two years.

6th December 2006, 23:44
Hi Oceancraft

I have found some photos of the ships you seek.
City of Edinburgh:

It seems from these photos that the earlist one is dated 1989. (one of the Edinburgh's)

Hope this has been some help

7th December 2006, 00:11
Thanks Hawkeye

That's where I found both the dates of 1985 for the Benavon in the older livery and 1989 for the City of Edinburgh in the newer livery. Someone using this fantastic website must have been aboard one of the ships during the livery change. I have always considered them to be elegant looking ships (in relative containership terms) and they lost that sleekness of form with the removal of the white sheerstrake (the same happened to the OCL near sisters). They were always a delight to see in Southampton and are now all very sadly missed.

Paul Barford
8th December 2006, 13:26
Unfortunately, the sleekness of form was not the only thing the ships lost after the change to diesel propulsion. I was on the "City of Edinburgh" for the last full voyage before she went out to Japan for re-engining.As steam ships they were smooth and you could hardly tell they were moving, never sailed on them with diesels but believe there was problems with vibrations and they were not pleasant to sail on.

13th December 2006, 18:11
I finished my last trip on the CoE in August 1987 and there was no hull logo then.

14th December 2006, 09:53
Thanks Eltel, that means the all grey hull with the Ben Line logo appeared sometime between late 1987 and 1989. All we need now is confirmation of what livery they carried in 1988.

Alan McPherson
9th March 2015, 23:23
I know it's some time since the last post on this subject, but being a newbie I can hopefully shed some light. I joined the City of Edinburgh as a first trip deck cadet in August 1987 and went to dry dock in Kobe. The hull was painted all grey and the big blue Ben Line name was put on then. Must have been around October 1987.

john fraser
10th March 2015, 20:19
If I remember it was painted on when Ben Line joined the "ScanDutch" consortium.Think you,re right about the year Alan.I remember you as a cadet.also your brother Peter.