Tyne Tug "Marty"

6th December 2006, 20:30
Scanning all the tug pictures without success does anyone have a picture of the Tyne Ridley's tug "Marty"
My father (John Newby) was the skipper many years ago and relief skipper of the "Impetus" (found picture in forum).
My grandfather (Septimus Newby) was a stoker on the Batey tug "Homer"
Both my father and grandfather worked on the tugs from a boy.
It was good to see pictures of the "Joffre" I learned to "skull" a boat from the skipper when I was 10 year old!
To keep the names of old boats alive I have just re-named my motorsailor "Caer Urfa" after the old pilot boat, I hope the new boat finds it's way in and out of the Tyne as easilly as the Pilot boat did.

Mike Newby

14th June 2007, 10:44
Hello Mike
I don't have any info on the tug you are looking for, my name is Fred Denman I worked with a John Newby (captain) from Newcastle we were in Newport togother, John was Captain of the DUNSNIPE I was relief skipper/mate we were also nieghbours in Pilton Vale Newport

Best Regards Fred Denman

14th June 2007, 11:07
You will find her here


15th June 2007, 09:02
I have posted this (I Think) in the past as a great source of information on the Tyne Tugs
150 years of the Maltese Cross the story of Tyne, Blyth and Wear tug Companies by John H Proud ISBN 0952272105 available in most ref libraries

Gives great amount of detail and photographs of the companies various fleets