Historic Ships Conference

9th December 2006, 01:02
Just had notification of this event next year.
Best wishes, Raymond

Royal Institute of Naval Architects
21 - 22 FEBRUARY 2007

Restoration of Barque, Polly Woodside - Robert Herd, Australia.

7 years in the Royal Navy, 57 years in the Egyptian Navy, the last
survivor of the Battle of the Atlantic is coming home.
Rod Pudduck, Atkins Limited, UK

Dismantling the Medway Queen
John Kempton, Medway Queen Preservation Society, UK
Johan Claesen, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Limited, UK

The Holland Project - An Exercise in Digital Restoration
Gary McCue and Edward Popko, Dassault Systemes Services LLC, USA

Preservation as house boats, of inland waterways vessels in France
Damien Féger, SNECMA, France

The Olympia's trireme reconstruction: a 'floating hypothesis' and its
successor projects
Boris Rankov, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Aspects of longitudinal strength of historic ships
Bart Boon, Bart Boon Research and Consultancy, The Netherlands
Bernard Luttmer, Prosycon, The Netherlands

Application of Engineering Principles to the Rigging and Sparring of
Traditional Ships
Stephen Wallis, Southampton Solent University, UK

The Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association: a Community of
Practice. Dr Neil Witt & Ed Bremner
Neil Witt, University of Plymouth, UK

The Risk To Traditional Maritime Skills
John Wylson, Architectural and Maritime Heritage Resource Consultant,

Fighting Decay (And Doing It Right) - Mastering Craft Skills In Ships
Tom Rasmussen, Ships Preservation Trust, Denmark

Things To Embrace And Things To Avoid In The Restoration And
Preservation Of Historic Ships
Neil Cormack, Australia

Sourcing of Information for a Conservation and Management Plan
Fred Walker, UK

The Ship Conservation Scene, in Particular the Sourcing and
Dissemination of Information
Wyn Davies, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Limited,UK

It's All in the Mind! … a discussion of the cultural and cognitive
dimensions of technology in relation to building replicas of historic or
traditional small craft
Roger Michael Johnson, Indonesia

Seeing the Wood for the Trees.....
Chris Jones, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, UK

Managing Floating Heritage - A decade of managing a fleet of historic
vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Steven Adams, Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Australia

Let's pull together!: co-operation across Europe in preserving and
maintaining our historic fleet
John Robinson, Member, U K Advisory Committee on Historic Ships and
Exec Committee, European Maritime Heritage. UK

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E-MAIL: conference@rina.org.uk
and return it with your payment to:
The Conference Department, RINA, 10 Upper Belgrave Street,
London, SW1X 8BQ.
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9th December 2006, 01:10
"7 years in the Royal Navy, 57 years in the Egyptian Navy, the last
survivor of the Battle of the Atlantic is coming home.
Rod Pudduck, Atkins Limited, UK"

Is that the WW2 destroyer? I forget it's name. Is it really coming home?

9th December 2006, 11:54
It must be ex-HMS Whimbrel, Black Swan Class Frigate. There is also a Z class destroyer still in existence, ex-HMS Zenith. As Whimbrel is the last of her class, I assume she is considered the more important for preservation, not to mention the ever-present need for funding.

9th December 2006, 13:18
Quite right, Whimbrel, she is ....
Looks like a great line up, altogether.