The last remanents of Union Company

11th December 2006, 08:26
The company may be gone and their last vessel has sailed to new waters.
Their former headquarters still dominates the Auckland waterfront. The former Union House, the red U's on the top of the building have long been painted out. When Union Company was around they use to occupy levels 1,2,3,12 (management), and 9 (if I recall rightly). Seabridge were also a tennant. Today the Auckland Maritime School occupies a couple of the floors
once occupied by Union, there is also a rep of the P&I Clubs.
Union Company's crest is still by the main doors - perhaps the last relic until the building is refurbished a some stage. Interesting to note the wings in the crest symbolising Union Airways.
Two buildings to the left is the old Northern Steamship building, the demolition ball hung over this old building for a number of years until the redevelopment plans were cancelled, the building has now been restored and is an upmarket bar with prices to match.

11th December 2006, 09:12
The translation for the latin wording is, I believe, "By Seaways, By Skyways".

11th December 2006, 21:55
Was in Watt Street, Newcastle last week and noticed that the old Union Company offices are still standing, although now a doctors surgery. All the brass signage is still there along with a coat of arms bearing the house flag.
A lot of old paintings of their ships are hung just inside the door so next I'm there I will try and get a photo or two of them.
Regards, Roy.

18th December 2006, 09:11
It seems that the Union Company crest may not be there for much longer, the building is being refurbished. The main lobby is due to be done next year.
As mentined there is a P&I Club representative in the building who has already spoken to the buildings owner. The crest will be saved and there is a chance it may be donated to the Dunedin Maritime Museum which seems appropiate considering that is where the "Southern Octopus" started from.