Panaghis Vergottis

12th November 2004, 07:38
Another SD14 negotiating the difficult narrow entrance to Greenock/s James Watt Dock in the mid-80s with a sugar cargo.

Ron Stringer
12th November 2008, 18:43
I it allows for threads like Panaghis Vergottis ( to be put up for the enjoyment and benefit of all

Off the topic, I know, but I did sea trials on that vessel. The owner's rep on board refused to accept that first-time responses to HF R/T test calls from the North Sea to Ocean Gate in the USA and St Lys in the South of France, or morse tests to San Francisco and Sydney Australia, were satisfactory indications that the radio station was working properly. Nothing less than a response on both R/T and morse from ''Athinai Radio'' would do. He argued that after all, the ship would route nearly all its radiocommunications via Athens Radio/SVA, so he had to be sure that the ship's radio was compatible with that station. The ship would probably never use any of the other stations, so he wasn't interested in them. Simple logic (well, definitely simple.)

non descript
12th November 2008, 19:30
Thanks Ron, from what I remember of the Owners, they were a very decent lot and regarded as A1 by the market. (Thumb)