16th November 2004, 13:43
NURJEHAN was built by Lithgow/s at Port Glasgow in 1963 for Asiatic Steam Navigation Co.part of P&O Group.
When P&O decided to give all their ships one corporate livery and names in the General Cargo Division,she became STRATHNEVIS and this shot shows her in KG5 Dock in Glasgow in 1975 in the process of repainting.This was done without a drydock visit.Not the best shot because of all these other ships about.....
Transformation complete,NURJEHAN sailed under her new name a few days later and I was lucky enough to get her passing Greenock/s Customhouse Quay as the second shot shows.

16th November 2004, 14:46
She had a sister NURMAHAL but i don t remember what name she has taken

6th September 2005, 17:16
She became the Strathnewton. I sailed on her in 1977. UK - Gulf - Japan

Skipper was Capt Sladen, 3/0 Nigel Blacker, Elec, John Painting

James Slater
7th September 2005, 14:19
I sailed on Strathnevis June-October 1976 then August-December 1977 (my last trip as a single man).

Jamess Slater