Roger Wincer
21st December 2006, 09:00
This U.S.S. Co. collier was lost with all hands in 1966 on Pandora bank near the North Cape of New Zealand. There is a small internet site at http://users.iconz.co.nz/rwincer

Ngaio 62
3rd April 2007, 13:14
Thanks for posting the link.
While I remember the Wahine, the Kaitawa loss was something
I was unaware of. I have since been involved in researching her
Your ideas are most valuable and I will certainly refer to them
in a paper I am currently writing about that last voyage of the Kaitawa.
thanks again


J Boyde
4th April 2007, 11:35
That night I was on the Komata, around 300 plus miles from memory, going backwards and very close to full power. We had locomotives on the afterdeck. The sea, by day, looked like a washing machine, good swell. It did not take long for us all to get the message that the Kaitawa had sent a MAYDAY, then silence. Most, if not all, knew someone on her.
Jim B

11th April 2007, 11:15
Go HMNZS Taranaki website where there is a story mentioning Kaitawa written by ex PO Gerry Marlow. Taranaki had just returned from several months with the British Far East Fleet in Singapore when all hands were recalled from leave to search for the wreck. I didn't have to return from leave as I was working over.