Christmas Greeting

wully farquhar
21st December 2006, 16:18
Must take this opportunity to wish all the fishing boat fans A Merry Christmas and a prosperious New Year.Think of me i am working christmas day,all say a big "aah"
Cheers, Wully.(Pint) (Thumb)

Derek Roger
21st December 2006, 21:41
There will no be much happening in Scabster on Christmas Day Wully so be sure and no wark too hard !
Ill take this oppr0tunty to extend Willies Best Wishes to all those in the RNLI who are on call and all the lads and lassies who will be at sea .

Steve Farrow
22nd December 2006, 09:13
Working or not, Merry Christmas.

Gavin Gait
22nd December 2006, 10:46
A' the best fae the NE of Scotland. Happy Christmas and a "merry" New Year to all

(Thumb) [=P]

allan besant
22nd December 2006, 11:00
All the best for xmas and new year Wullie. And all the best to one and all for the festive season and 2007.--------------Allan.

Norman Trewren
22nd December 2006, 14:37
Merry Christmas, Wullie and a great 2007

All the Best to you and yours


22nd December 2006, 19:22
Seasons greetings to all.


22nd December 2006, 21:03
All the best to everybody, really enjoyed this site since I found it earlier this year, and have met up with some of the members as far apart as Brixham and Macduff! A friendly lot, have a good Xmas and New Year.

23rd December 2006, 12:41
Best wishes and kindest regards to all, have a great festivities.


23rd December 2006, 21:47
Wishing all the members a very merry Xmas and a happy 2007 from a very cold Cullen (Thumb)

martin johns
23rd December 2006, 23:48
Christmas Greetings & a Happy New Year to all the fishing boat enthusiasts from Plymouth.
What a great website.....until I found it in April I didn't know so many shared my passion. Martin.

Roger Griffiths
24th December 2006, 14:16
Happy Christmas and best wishes for a safe and prosperous New year.

Roger Griffiths

24th December 2006, 14:31
happy christmas to all terry music man

26th December 2006, 18:24
And festive greetings to all from darkest Brixham.....notice that this is now the second busiest gallery section on the glad I uploaded a few photos 300+ pages ago, into the other vessels section to kick this off. Despite some negative comments from members who obviously dont like fishing vessels, I am so pleased to see this gallery flourish.....and delighted to have met so many like minded souls.....see you for the Trawler Race in June ......? Trev Brixham R.F.C.