Sally Line Ferries.

21st December 2006, 16:24
Anyone out there ever work for Sally Line on the Ramsgate-Dunkirk ferries? I did 7 years on them in the 90's. What a party!!!(Pint)

7th March 2008, 20:23
I was 2nd Mate and Mate on the Sally Star until the end. The best two years of my seagoing career. I am still in touch with many of the old Sally Masters and Mates.

15th July 2008, 20:22
I was also on the Sally Star at the end but lost touch with everyone.

Did a few trips with the Isle Of Man Steampacket afterwards but couldn't get a permanent job with them just relieving.

Locking Splice
16th July 2008, 08:34
Hi Timo,

Never worked on them but partly responsible for helping to get British Rating's employed in the company.
Was an out of work Bosun on my beam ends at the time October 1988, wrote a 10 page letter about the benifits of employing British crews to Sally Line Ramsgate office. Was invited over to meet managers Jane Harvey and Billy Davey, who told me my ideas had been sent on to the parent company in Sweden which if I remember rightly was the Johnson Line, even though the ships were Finnish. They told me that they were hoping to have a British crew eventually but would be a year away at least. However they wanted me to Join the company straight away working as a Security Officer for the time being untill a British Crew were taken on. They seemed very pleasent people and the company quite laid back however, did not fancy doing that and declined the offer. Something else came up so never did join them, but glad it turned out okay.

Best Regards


16th July 2008, 15:46
I was A.B. on the Sally Sky May 1990 till January 1997, then finished up on the Sally Star for a few months till the job wound up.

16th July 2008, 20:04
Do the ferries that run out of Ramsgate now have any British crew as I believe the old Sky is still going.

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16th July 2008, 20:31
Hi Blocker,

All foreign ratings now, Eastern European I believe. Russian Stewardesse's.

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17th July 2008, 15:19
Thought as much so much for the labour government looking after british jobs


16th February 2009, 06:06
I joined the Sally Sky at the start for a couple of years. probably my best job at sea. Did a few more years with Wallems, Denholms, P&O containers and various ferries. Now ended up doing finance in Japan.