Clan Line Pension Fund

24th December 2006, 20:33
Does any one know the whereabouts of the Clan Line (Sea -going )Staff Superannuation Fund?

I recently retired and the last address I had was 2& 4 St. Mary Axe in London..but methinks that was blown up by an IRA Bomb about 25 years ago.

Any help would be appreciated

26th December 2006, 11:24
The pensions regulator should be able to help trace it.

26th December 2006, 11:56

I tried to trace this a couple of years back. It was the non contributary fund that in my early days with B&C ran alongside the old section of the MNOPF. To the best of my knowledge it was discontinued once the MNOPF new section started. The response from the pension tracing service just refers you to the MNOPF. As I would only have had a tiny amount I didn't bother taking it any further but my assumption was that any entitlements must, at some stage, have been amalgamated with any MNOPF benefits. If you do get any further, please let me know.

All the best,

non descript
26th December 2006, 12:56

As Charlie has wisely said, it is almost certain that MNOPF will be the people to contact - they will either have amalgmated the scheme into theirs, or work as administrators for the fund (using MNPA) as their style.

The link is here:

and MNPA is here:

Good luck


26th December 2006, 17:02
Thanks chaps

Have tried both the MNOPF and the Pension Tracing Services without any success. Surely someone must know what happened to the Fund.

27th December 2006, 15:07
Hi Bob

I don't want to be to pesimistic but after B&C got out of shipping and became a Financial Conglomorate, under the command of John Gunn, they got into severe difficulties in the late eighties and went to the knackers yard owing one 'ell of a lot of money, including some to me. I don't know if the Clan Line pension was ring fenced.

Try the Pensions Ombudsman or the FSA (Financial Services Authority) or see if your bank can track them down

Hope your successful


3rd January 2007, 15:07
Hi Nigel
Thanks for the info. When I left in early '74 they still had over 45 ships. Ten years later they seemed to disappear completely. Sorry to hear about the sad demise of a once great company.

5th January 2007, 17:38
Hi Bob

Hopefully you'll be luckier than me, I worked for them in the late eighties and made the mistake of buying some of their shares.

John Gunn was another of Maggie T's wonder boy who were very good when the going was good but absolutely useless when it wasn't so good, ie borrowed and bought at high prices. when the prices drop - outcome negative equity.