Royal Australian Navy

25th December 2006, 10:42
For all you salty types....

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Lindsay Bremner
12th January 2007, 18:09
Thanks for that. Bloody brilliant.

K urgess
12th January 2007, 18:40
Echo that. Fantastic.(Thumb)

Mad Landsman
12th January 2007, 20:09
Nice One! - Loads of stuff for ship spotters everywhere!

It was interesting to see pictures of Technicians & Cooks happily working away and then see the ship bouncing though the green stuff, like it was shot at the same time!
I would bet that someone watching this is bound to know all about the old Leander(?) being scuttled.

14th January 2007, 11:06
Great Video! The old Leander is HMAS Torrens, a River class Frigate based on the Leander design. She was sunk as a target, hit by a mk 48 torpedo from HMAS Farncomb. Not sure how accurate this is but the footage of the sinking(heavily edited digitally) is supposed to have been used in the Pearl Harbour film. Also a still shot was used as Hezbollah propaganda

15th November 2007, 13:13
For all you salty types....

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Got to:

Went to look Thursday 15 November 2007, to be greeted with the message,

"This video has been removed by the user".

16th November 2007, 00:29
The ADF has been recruiting very seriously recently with a lot of new thinking going into the targetting of the campaign. I am sorry I missed the "youtube", but I have been told about it. I have read that they have a new brigadier in charge of the recruitment effort and he has brought in a lot of new ideas. If you read the press ads you can get the thrust; its all team work, leadership, mateship etc. Not a mention of killing or being killed anywhere; but I guess that is marketing for you and the military are not unique in that respect. Bit akin to tobacco and alcohol advertising in many ways.

16th November 2007, 01:14
The rum disappeared years ago, tobacco is a huge no-no these days, so what does that leave? Oh no......

John T.

16th November 2007, 02:08 (http://

Try this link it may not be the same one as it appears to have been withdrawn, however lots of related video's to the side.

16th November 2007, 02:10 Try this link!