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20th November 2004, 14:13
Good Day from Aad Motz ( on site as: Aadje - nickname given by my much more younger junior agents ).
Internet is endless, same as shipping.
I happen to pass by on this forum and noted with pleasure a lot of photograps of old and (most of them ) no more excisting vessels.
I have introduced to our dutch forum, which is a busy forum.
Just for your information I sailed on:
1961 - 1963 s.s. Nieuw Amsterdam (Holland America Lines ),
1963-1964 - could not avoid my millitary service which compulsory in holland,
1964-1968 - ms Ipswich Pioneer - Flx/Ipswich - Hbg/Brm v.v.
I worked for:
3/1968 started as ships agent Kahn Shipping ( Jumbo Geneva ) same as Borchard + Khan, Fairplay ( Deep Sea Towage ).
9/1970 Changed ageny to the port of Terneuzen Messrs. Ovet, good contacts with Polish Steam Ship Company Szczecin and also with the russian river fleet.
9/1974 Changed agency to Dammers en van der Heide Rotterdam,
12/1989 sold to Seatrade Groningen - name Dammers Agency remained.
12/1994 sold to Hudig + Veder - name Dammers Agency remained,
5/1996 sold to Trimarene ( Investors ) Group Rotterdam- a backoffice representing: Dammers Agency, Hudig + Veder Agency, Eurovracht/OPDR agency, Seatrade Agency, NOL-APL agency, Cornelder Agency.
10/1999 Trimarene Group sold to Royal Burger Group Rotterdam becoming new colleagues with Messrs. Burger, Vinke, Ruys, Oil Shipping, Muller & Co., Van Ommeren. A bucket with agents.
5/2003 - accepted 7 years paid leave due to re-organisation.
In the Dammers van der Heide / Hudig & Pieters time I had the pleasure being agent for:
Black Star Lines, Pakistan Shipping Lines which later became Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Ellerman City Liner
(Mediteranian Service ), Prince Line ( General cargo to the Med.), Svedel Lines, Rickmers Lines, Townsend Thoresen/P&O Ferries Dover and Felixstowe, Ivaran Lines, Oceaneering Houston and several more companies.
World wide contacts with Owners, Ships and Shippers, which now very much missing.
I appologize in advance for any mistake when writing in english. Mistakes are not on purpose whatshowever.
b/regards and pleased to hear.

20th November 2004, 18:36
Hi and welcome on board SN.I/m glad you find it of interest and look forward to seeing you on site.
Your English is excellent,please no apologies! I wish I could speak Dutch as well as you speak English!

Paul (Fairfield)

david smith
20th November 2004, 19:51
Is this the same Ipswich Pioneer???? Sorry, Ipswich Pioneer II
I was the systems manager for Ipswich Port Authority 1996-2005, and still employed by Associated British Ports. ex Second Mate on Crown Prince and Royal Prince.
Picture available at better resolution

21st November 2004, 11:24
Hello aadje and welcome

21st November 2004, 13:39
Welcome from Italy !!
from an enthusiast of merchant ships

27th November 2004, 23:36
Thanks to all for your kind words.

For David Smith.
I have sailed on mv Ipwich Pioneer as a/b, however on such a ship everybody is a g.p.
The I.P. II is aso wellknown to me, however from passing by only when in Rotterdam.
Request permission to copy you photo for my private file.