Wreck off Nigeria

31st December 2006, 22:26
Good Day All

Back in the mid eighties, whilst enjoying a beach trip in Nigeria, my attention was drawn to a wreck located in the bush, about 4 miles from the Forcados Oil Terminal.

I have often thought about this ship, and its history, and indeed have tried to discover more about her, admittedly just using the internet, but to no avail.

The only reference i have is the name, which i was told was ALTAIRE, i dont even know if this is right, given my less than fruitful internet searches.

If anybody can point me in the right direction or indeed fill in any of the missing story it would be appreciated.

Best Regards

2nd January 2007, 15:24
The hulk of the "Altair" was used as a jetty at the Nigerian port of Burutu until the United Africa Company built a new quay there. The "Altair", now surplus to requirements, was removed to a small nearby creek and abandoned.
As far as I know she is still there. Correspondence on this subject has appeared in "Sea Breezes" several times in the past.