British Honour

3rd January 2007, 15:09
Another "The British Petroleum Co. Ltd.Photograph" card, reverse side says:
British Honour 32,000 tons seen during her trials off the coast of Scotland.
Any details can be added.

3rd January 2007, 15:36
Hi Ruud,

It is a rare thing for me to provide you with information - it's usually the other way around! (EEK)

This ship is in the collection I am working on and the collectors recorded this information:

Shipping Co: Tanker Charter Co
Vessel type: Tanker 1,531.000 cu ft
Launched Jan 1958
Yard No: 1531
Gross Tonnage: 21,031
Net Tonnage: 12,432
DWT: 32,000
Builder: Harland and Wolff



3rd January 2007, 15:57
Classic shot of a late 50s BP tanker looking really purposeful & about her business. Thanks for posting.
My records show that she was in fact launched on September 25th, 1957 & completed on 31st January 1958. (Middlemiss: The British Tankers & Harvey & Solly: BP Tankers - A Group Fleet History) but who cares? Its a great photo. She stayed with BP until May 16th 1973 when she was sold to Gantline Comp. Nav. SA of Greece & renamed Nedi. On December 22nd 1975 she arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition.
Kind regards,

3rd January 2007, 15:59
Ahoy Brian,
Just to keep the threads alive ;) , but thanks anyway for the added info.

4th January 2007, 13:29
Nice one Ruud, great shots of all the ships.

The Honour brings back happy memories for me - she was the first ship that I visited to see my dad on, Falmouth 1967.


4th January 2007, 14:31
Ahoy Rushie,
(Applause) That's keeping the threads life and kicking,well noticed.(Thumb)
Glad to see, that this one brought some happy memories back.
I've seen her once, but at that time I didn't had a camera, other interests, bought one in the eighties,[Nikonos]always standby in the galley, but this one was stolen in Grangemouth after we had some local chicks visited us.Now regret, that I didn't bought one earlier,as now buying piccies from vessels I'd seen lots of time.
Btw, been very well assisted by the Pilot, that told me to put a claim at the Police Station,which he did, a 1 year later in Middlesborough I was visited by 2 detectives from London, that brought my camera back, unfortunately broken, as they didn't knew how to open it[Nikonos].The camera was sold from Glasgow-Liverpool-London, where they found it. (