4th January 2007, 21:29
Don't want to start another marathon here but does anyone have a photo of this "Banana Boat"? Did a very short trip in her in 1979.

5th January 2007, 03:35
If the vessel you are looking for is E&F "Mazatec II" 1972 by Kawasaki Heavy Ind. Kobe.

There is a small image on this linked site of her by Kevin Brady.


5th January 2007, 04:49
There is also a decent image of Mazatec II at the following link.


5th January 2007, 20:45
Many thanks Rory. She is in my discharge book as plain Mazatec but I think she is the one. I joined her in Genoa on the 12 March 79 and left her in Piraeus on the 17 March 79 due to a death in the family. When we left Genoa we had engine problems so I spent most of my time on board in the radio room sending and receiving traffic. Never got to see much of the ship.

Thanks again.

8th November 2009, 18:10
hi,this was the last m boat to still exist,the last i heard she was owned by a cuban company and was laid up there due to lack of cash for running and repairs, this was early 2000.does anyone know if she has since gone to scrap?

attached a picture which was taken in late 99,the last ive managed to find