bp crew complement

10th January 2007, 11:14
hi whilst doing my 3 yearly ist aid refresher course with northumbria ambulance service, i was asked how many officers and crew a typical bp tanker carried today? can any 1 help me out here? thanks in advance for any replies connie.

Gordon L Smeaton
10th January 2007, 12:16
Hi Connie
Typical crew would be as follows
Master, Ch,Off, 2/Off, 3/Off extra 3/Off
Ch Eng, 2/Eng, 3/Eng, 4/Eng, ETO
1 Cook 1 Steward
1 Bosun 4 to 6 ratings
Cadets not normally counted as being part of the crew
Have recently left BP and sailed on the Loch Rannoch where we normally operated with a complement of 21


13th January 2007, 14:55
There aren't many names to recognise now as most of the 'Old Hands' have gone. The majority of officers in the fleet these days have only been there a few years.
When did you get away from the Rannoch, Gordon? I did a spell on her in 2003.
I met Arthur Biltcliffe in Kwinana back in August, and he tells me the 'boys club' has since been disbanded with Mick, Fintan, Joey etc all gone with Grant s paperwork and regulation fetish growing all the time.
A good mate of mine is 2/O on her now - Ross Leask. Take it you sailed with him?

Gordon L Smeaton
13th January 2007, 15:45
Left 10th of November, they wanted me to go back deep sea, but the prospect did'nt appeal so took the retirement option instead, had completed 40 years with BP so enough was enough. Yep most of the hands have changed, all the mates basically left within a year, now all working as pilots berthing masters down Angola way with Chevron, Fintan the exception he lwft just before me and was staying at home over Xmas and then reviewing his options. Rags is away, going back to the fleet, in fact nearly everybody has had enough, not only Grant, the super had a lot to do with the changes as well.
I must have missed you in 2003, thats when I went to the Shahamah for a trip. The ETO's would have been Hugh (now working at Prestwick airport) and Mags who is now back from Bermuda but not too sure what he is doing.

13th January 2007, 17:09
Aye Gordon, when I was there we had Mags and Hugh. I wonder if Mags will be lured into returning offshore.
I packed it in a few months ago, last deepsea was on the Curlew, then did a short trip on the Border Tartan. As I'm sure you're aware, the BS factor pervading from Sunbury (and practiced by increasing numbers onboard) was just too much, I'd had enough. Bob Malone and Dave Williamson have a lot to answer for.
Keith Smith was ETO on the Curlew, know him? He must have 36 years racked up by now. Good bloke, think he's just hanging on till pension day.