ken carr
13th January 2007, 11:31
Favourite Port's
Gentlemen of Brocklebank, lets find out your favourite ports outside the UK. As for me it is beyond all doubt the Seychelles Islands, Port Victoria on the Island of Mahe was actually an anchorage so unfortunately we are on Sea Watches all the time, however time ashore was always arranged.
I recall the huge turtle pond on the jetty, I still have a turtle shell cigarette case.unused for 20 years just a keep-sake now the local people where so friendly always looking for some one to drink with and always paid there way
No beasties on the Island that bite or sting The beaches are pure white, the outer Islands are just great Coconuts are every where Praslin Island the only place in the world where that Twin Coconut the Coco-de-mer grows.All the islands are Volcanic and very green with lots of vegetation one can grow almost anything. I was lucky enough to visit the Islands 5 times one thing I do re call was the clock on the Church Hall which could be heard for miles
It rang one minute before the hour and again one minute after the hour most confusing early in the morning after a few beers
Catch the boat back to the ship and all we get is abuse from the night watch A dam great sign which reads Dispensary This Way The Penalty of Sin Is Penicillin and a suggestion that the Captain would like to talk to us ?
That fellow Brocklebankers Was my Favorite

20th January 2007, 17:50
Right On, Ken,
The Seychelles were always my favourite, visited several times on Maskeliya. I remember the ponds, still have two coco-nut de Mer bowls.
Hotel des Seychelles, Sharky's great days only one car on the island belonged to the agent.

john g
20th January 2007, 19:17
An enchanting place we took three of Costains guys there when they were building the internatiol airport. I will never forget the fiver pumping the sludge tank out while we were at anchor . Imagine doing that today

20th January 2007, 21:10
What Ken said - definitely the Seychelles. I recall getting transport to the other side of the island in a humungous and ancient American car with a 45 rpm record player in the dashboard. The only record I ever heard played on it was very old and scratchy Hawaiian Wedding Song.

There was a wooden version of Big Ben in the middle of the square in Port Victoria and the street lighting was hurricane lamps hanging from wooden poles.

That was in 1965 before it was "discovered" as a tourist destination.

Ah, to be back there again ...........


jim brindley
22nd January 2007, 07:45
hi ken how can you rember the ports you were in .did you only drink carrot juice .i cant remember any .cheers old pom jim in oz

24th January 2007, 05:48
I'm with you Jim. I'm constantly amazed by the detail of the recollections of the people in this forum. They must have all been making copious notes and taking pics whilst I wasn't watching...! Still, what I can remember was damned fun!

Alan Marsden
R/O GWZM 1968-81

jim brindley
25th January 2007, 22:50
hi ken maybe we should start a pubs i cant remember club .have a capt .morgans gulp ,

ken carr
30th January 2007, 07:00
hi ken how can you rember the ports you were in .did you only drink carrot juice .i cant remember any .cheers old pom jim in oz
Jim Lad
Tennants, Tuborg, Lambs, Pussers,or a good single Malt sharpen's the brain and enhance's the memory, any other rubbish puts the mind in orbit
Ken Carr

K urgess
30th January 2007, 10:40

Never got there but came across this the other day.

From "The Seychelles Annual" for 1966.(Thumb)