HMS Montrose

14th January 2007, 14:28
HMS Motrose departing from Gibraltar 13/01/07 on her 7-month deployment to the SNMG2. She will replace HMS Campbeltown which has been on a two-month stint with the Force. Montrose herself is due to be replaced in the Group by HMS Argyll in July of this year.
Rgds Neill

yorky jim
14th January 2007, 15:01
dont they fall in when leaving harbour any more ,she is not out side the break water,and they are loafing around in no8,s.the diffent set up to what i knew.

15th January 2007, 00:26
Yorky Jim,

Have another look. They are fell in. It just that there so few people on board (about 120). Most are below working!

It is a different mob, I agree, but my impression is that the people work much longer and harder than I did when I was full time.