Hello from an ex-Brocklebanks

Tony Butler
26th November 2004, 23:38
Hello to all group members. I served my apprenticeship with Brocklebanks from 1951 to 1954 (3 years due to having done 2 years on HMS Conway. Unfortunatley when taking 2nd mates ticket I failed my eyesight test, and so left the sea and served 22 years in the RAF.
My first ship was 'Makalla' ex 'Fort Ville Marie' and then 'Matra' (her 2nd voyage) then Martand, Malabar (ex liberty ship and my favourite vessel of all) and finally Malancha.
I am now retired and playing a bit of golf in Cornwall, still keeping by the sea.

Doug Rogers
27th November 2004, 02:56
Hi Tony,
Greetings on joining the site, am beginning to think that Brocklebanks are going to take it over from the volume of stuff that has been passing recently. Great to see though!!. That would have been hard failing your eyesight during your 2nd Mates Exam - I can remember being called back to see the Doctor midway through my final interview with P&O. Thought I was dying of something nasty but it turned out they hadnt done a colour blindness test when I had my medical..I passed thank heavens but I can still well remember the feeling!!.
Catcha soon...Doug

27th November 2004, 16:04
Hello Tony and welcome to SN

28th November 2004, 14:12
Liberty ships were very interested type of vessels with their long life on seas!!

David Baines
10th October 2005, 00:27
It's nice to hear of someone who served aboard Martand. I was a passenger aboard her in 1958 or 59 on a voyage from Calcutte to what should have been the Thames, but we ended up limping into, I think, Portsmouth, after we were hit amidships in fog in the Bay of Biscay by another vessel.
I was only four years old at the time, but have vivid memories of the occasion. And I have wonderful memories of the voyage leading up to the crash.
A quartermaster called Vince - from Birkenhead, I think, took me under his wing.
The radio officer was called Pete.
I have tried to hunt out reports of the mishap and failed miserably.
It might have been partly as a result of the damage she suffered then which led to her breaking her back on a sandband on the Hooghly witha cargo of ore a few years later.
If anyone can fill in a few gaps - or put me right on errors - I would love to hear from you.
Take care

Dave Baines
Newcastle upon Tyne