HMS Barham

Richard Green
15th January 2007, 20:28
Having heard a lot about it, I thought I’d have a go trawling (Sorreee!) YouTube. I typed in ‘ships’ and fell on this ….

A compendium of old documentary film from many different Navies. I think I can identify German sailors removing tompions. At the end, HMS BARHAM going down after being torpedoed - very frightening as you can see survivors moving on to the hull as she rolls over and extremely shocking at the end.....

You should be able to go directly to the movie by clicking on the link. If it doesn't work try holding down Ctrl and clicking or copy the address into your browser...

15th January 2007, 20:37
Yes, I have seen the film elsewhere, and it is truly horrifying.

15th January 2007, 21:24
was looking up the H.M.S. Barham Association site after watching the film link. 841 men were lost on the Barham ,tragic loss of life.

15th January 2007, 22:25
It hits very hard on the soul when typing up all the names.
Every name is a rend in the lives of a family. Every name is
to be remembered.
That is why I placed the Casualty list online.

15th January 2007, 23:13
Treeve, My Uncle, William Cripps, was a casualty on the Barham. I have an image of him which I shall post at a Future Date. As everybody agrees a shocking thing for us all to see, but then war in itself is a shocking and terrible thing...............pete

15th January 2007, 23:28
It is good for us and others to know this,
It is so awful writing these names ...
I raise a glass to Cripps, William A; Sto PO.
Best wishes, Raymond