Hi from a new member MV ICENIC. SS&A

julian anstis
28th November 2004, 11:02
Hi to all you members,

"What a brilliant site" ! (found by chance while surfing) within five mins of getting on here found a photo of my first ship MV ICENIC boy did that bring back some great memories of a very mementous first trip for someone fresh out of NSTS at Gravesend. I left sea school and reached home on the Friday evening in May 1970 to find a telegram (do they still exist) waiting with instructions for joining at Avonmouth on the Monday morning. Spent a week there discharging then over to Belfast to discharge and then on to Glasgow to finish off and dry dock.
Sailed dep sea from Glasgow 9 June 70 for the Kiwi coast, spent the next three days wondering why the hell I chose a career on a moving object,........ "green was an understatement".
The things I remember most was colliding with a whale entering Panama Bay, Happy Valley in Curacao, Hurricane Hilda in the Pacific which ripped some winch houses off the deck, getting trapped in Kingston harbour for an extra three weeks after the locals scuppered the dredger in the entrance. Meeting Louise Armstrong at his bar in New York and answering the Mayday for the Allegro and Pacific Glory after a collision and fire in the channel off of the Isle of Wight. and not forgeting the Snake Pit in Auckland my first real introduction to the falling down water.............lol
What an introduction to the Merch......I spent a couple more years on her running the Kiwi coast and many ports in between and such very good memories, she was such a happy ship.
If there are any crew out there who might have sailed with me get in touch.

best regards to you all Julian

28th November 2004, 11:52
Hi Julian welcome to SN

28th November 2004, 13:54
I am not a sailor but an enthusiast of merchant ships!! Is very interesting
to hear fact of sailor and passengers from over the world!!!!

julian anstis
28th November 2004, 16:45
Thanks Steve and Tanker,

Will try and dig out a few of my old photo's to post on here of different vessels I have sailed on sometime in the future along with a few ramblings.

Steve why not try and get a link to this site from the NSTS sea school site and the Vindi site .....should increase your membership considerably as that's a starting point for many old sea dogs when searching !

28th November 2004, 21:42
Hello to Julian and welcome the S.N. site.
Hope you can tell some nice other stories as well you please may add some photographs.


julian anstis
30th November 2004, 09:39
Thanyou for your welcome aadje,

As I find time I will post a few of my experiences on here and also a few photos.
I did spend some time running into Flushing (Vllisengen) did I spell that right! on the Arco Thames a dredger belonging to ARC MARINE. We had our own wharf next to the OLAU LINE terminall. I remember that there was an old Liberty boat tied up there as well, I believe she was being used as a storage tanker this was back in 1976/7.....do you know if she is still there?....cant remember her name !

best regards Julian

9th March 2016, 18:08
I was also on Icenic 1970 out of Glasgow , Julian are you from West Country ?