Fort Boats Managed by Ellerman

19th January 2007, 23:20
During the second world war several Fort Boats built by Burrard in Vancouver were managed and crewed by Ellerman I am looking for a photo of the Fort Providence & the City of Kimberly
Thanks in advance Doug

Derek Hudson
9th February 2007, 01:24
I have photos of the City of Kimberley that I can send if you give your email address I can attach them to an email. If I knew how to add a photo to this site I could do it here !

I have managed to enter two photos of the City of Kimberley to the Gallery rather than to this forum. Go there & you will see them.

contact me on

Keith Adams
9th February 2007, 23:24
Like you Derek, I have still to learn how to post a photo directly into a thread
such as this... I also have to send them to the Gallery and and trust they will be seen. Snowy