Caledonia/ Old Caledonia

29th November 2004, 10:21
A sad end to the former Clyde paddle steamer CALEDONIA which became OLD CALEDONIA restaurant and pub on the Thames Embankment.However,she suffered a serious fire and had to be eventually scrapped.This was taken on 7th May 1980.
Her place has been taken by another former Clyde steamer,QUEEN MARY.

william dillon
29th July 2005, 23:22
What is it about taking Clyde built ships to the Thames, they all seem to suffer the same fate, destroyed by fire !!!!!.

Doug Rogers
30th July 2005, 05:04
Well dont forget that so many Clyde ships were trendsetters, they are just keeping the fires alight....sorry for the bad joke...but yes there is a certain trend isnt there.

Bruce Carson
30th July 2005, 14:44
Always thought that the concealed paddleboxes spoiled her appearance.
An atttractive design on the housings always added much to the overall attractiveness of the Clyde paddle fleet.

Bruce C.