Coni the Tiger

21st January 2007, 22:11
I have just joined the forum today. Work with a lad called Peter Constantine, ex RFA. His father, known as Coni the Tiger, also of the RFA died on Wednesday 17th January 2007 at the age of 90 years.

King Ratt
21st January 2007, 22:20
Connie Constantine was a very well known RFA Chief Engineer and character. His very own catch phrase "crack me charlie" was known throughout the RFA many years ago. Sympathy to his son when next you see him, Kevan.

8th July 2007, 15:15
I sailed with Conny many years ago and found him to be a real gentleman, pity there were'nt more like him when I was at sea.

My abiding memory of Conny was him standing in the machine shop at the top of the engine room, turning a lighthouse (yes, I'm not kidding) out of stone on the lathe. Conny had picked up these bits of stone as we sailed round, and he would stand there with this big Cuban cigar in his mouth turning this thing.