Remember Gavin

22nd January 2007, 03:41
Anyone remember a chief engineer called Gavin East aka "East the Beast" ?.

22nd January 2007, 09:20
I first met Gavin East aka East the Beast, when we were seconded to Britannic House in the early seventies. I next met up with him when I went out to Abu Dhabi in 1977.

Gavin was then the Superintendent of the Umm Shaif Super Complex which I joined as Senior Engineer, fortunately on the other shift to him. It was to us a strange enviroment based on the old boy network, where fitters and operators ended up as engineers and superintendents as a result of nepotism rather than ability or qualifications.

I think Gavin's efforts were undermined by the hierarchy who suffered from the "Das Island Syndrome" they were not accustomed to the discipline to which we seafarers were used to and which is essential on an offshore platform. As a consequence Gavin ended up with a married posting ashore in Abu Dhabi working in Technical Services.

One day whilst looking out of the window of his apartment in town, Gavin witnessed a car driven by one of the local arabs end up in the sea, he rushed down and saved the arab who was so grateful that he presented him with a watch. In fairness to Gavin I don't think that he was all bad.

I seem to recall reading that Gavin passed away some years ago.

As a mater of interest I list the names some of the other BP Tanker men who were out in Abu Dhabi.
Brian Maclean, C/E
Nigel Groves C/O
John Evans C/E
Bill Craig 2/E
Brian Tunnycliff Mate

Gerry Taylor

22nd January 2007, 11:39
Hi mate,
I was also out in Abu Dhabi on the Umm Shaif Super Complex at the very beginning from 1976- 77- 78. I was the control technician. Gavin was one of the the superintendents. He was a devotee of Maurice Boyle (Earl of Glasgow)
who told Gavin to "create havoc, but manage that platform"..Gavin created havoc !
I remember him taking helicopter flying lessons every day and landing with a thump on the heli deck. On another occassion he was out in one of the lifeboats driving around the platform and took a header into the sea for a swim. (sharks in these waters)
If you prompt me I will tell you the conga incident....

22nd January 2007, 13:14
Hi Norm,

You must have been on USSC when I came out there. I was on George Jone's shift, with Owen Farrely who was the Instrument engineer, with a cleft palate, I have forgotten the name of the SPS. We replaced the team who were transferring to Zakum to commission the new facilities.

As it happens I too was one of Maurice's Boys, although it didn't do me too much good as I never rose above Senior Engineer, but then I never have been a politician.

Even so it was the best move that I ever made, 29 days on and 27 days off and your airfare home beats going to sea any time.

Gerry Taylor

24th April 2007, 19:34
Gavin did indeed pass away, I think 3 or so years ago, could be more the way time goes these days. His obit. was in the Daily Telegraph.

He was my first 2/E on the Osprey in 68, not a good experience. I was assured by the 4/E that Gavin was the way he was, due to the fact he had been beaten up by so many drunken fireman.