Golfo Di Castellammare

29th November 2004, 14:23
Seen at Genoa july 1969 anchored alongside the outer dike , laid up before
going to demolition.
Can anyone knows when she was built and under what name?
Puzzle corner

29th November 2004, 16:33
Nice and interesting (and rare…)photo.

Built Glasgow by Blythswood Shipbuilding Co.Ld. (Yard No.37) in 1935 as the SAN AMADO for the Eagle Oil Shipping Co.Ld. of London.
In 1956 sold to Compagnia Palermitana di Navigazione of Palermo and renamed GOLFO DI CASTELLAMARE.
In 1965 Sold to Compagnia Generale di Navigazione S.p.A. of Cagliari.
10.10.1967 broken up at La Spezia.

The date of of breaking up is not consistent with that given by Tanker. It might well be that 1967 was only the date of sale and then she was left abandoned here and there, waiting for the torch.


30th November 2004, 10:08
Many thanks Kasteliz, we are not so far ,I am in Milan !!!