Inagua Beaver - West India Line

24th January 2007, 20:59
Has anyone got any information for the vessel "Inadua Beaver", or the company "West India Line".
The picture was taken in 1977 somewhere between the Persian Gulf and Curacao.
Could she have been an early Rig Supply Ship?. The funnel marking seems to be a diamond with a "C", or "G" in it. As to her cargo, I haven't a clue what she is carrying, looks like scrap.


Ron Stringer
24th January 2007, 22:01
Could the first word of the name have been "Inagua"? This would make more of a link with West Indies - we used to use the Inagua passage when UK-bound from Jamaica.

john shaw
24th January 2007, 22:32
Bellinger Shipyards Inc. , Jacksonville FL ,Hull no. 101 Inagua Beaver , West Indies Shipping . Landing Craft. 299tons,built Aug-70 Now "Bin Hai 516"

25th January 2007, 08:49
Many thanks. I have been pondering this for years, The "G" certainly looks like a "D" in the photo, but a "G" it is. Now I can carry on with the next one.

5th January 2013, 23:06
My father was chief mate on the "inagua gull" is there any one could provide a picture of the vessel and it's location?

5th January 2013, 23:11

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5th January 2013, 23:20
Inagua Gull, after a number of name changes is now Caribe Star 1.
This ( AIS information holds some details and a photograph - it looks like she is around Miami or the Bahamas. (Thumb)

9th January 2013, 02:23
Thanks for the info on the M/S Inagua Gull.

14th October 2013, 17:12
Enaric, I have a picture of the Inagua Gull i took in the 1970s at Peterhead when her and many similar vessels used to transport large diameter pipe to lay barges in the north sea, the vessels were all owned by West India Line.

inagua beach
7th February 2014, 18:42
In the diamond is WIL for west india line ,hope it helps.