26th January 2007, 19:51
Has anybody out there got any information and photographs of the P&O OBO Lauderdale. It was the biggest ship in Bulk Shipping Division's fleet when I sailed on her in 75. Great ship but on a very boring run.

Nigel Wing
26th January 2007, 20:34
I've posted a picture of Lauderdale today in the Cargo Ships gallery.
I sailed on her in 1978, the shortest trip I had with P&O, just short of 3 months.
Joined in Singapore, Sembawang drydock, then to Port Headland for iron ore, slow steamed to Europe to discharge at Ijmuiden, Holland.
Captain Robinson. Ch/Off Andy Smeaton. Ch/Eng Dave Lambert. 2nd/Eng Willie Goodall.
A trouble free ship, and a happy voyage.
Best Wishes

26th January 2007, 20:48
Many thanks Nigel. I must have forgotten the camera that trip as it's the only one I've no pictures for. All I can remember is Captain Wallace. The memory is not so good these days.

27th January 2007, 21:27
Lauderdale (1972-1982)
Official No: 358705
Tonnages: 143,959 gross, 111,557 net, 260,424 deadweight
Dimensions: Length 1101' 3", beam 176' 1", depther 90' 3" draft 67' 7.75"
Machinery: Two steam turbines - Mitshbishi Heavy Industries - yard No 1685, double reduction geared to single screw shaft, 32,000 s.h.p.
Speed: 15 knots
Cargo capacity: 11,260,336 cubic feet liquid.
Launched 23/07/72, sold by P&O to Saudi Tankers Ltd on 28/05/82

Can't help you after sale by P&O



Ian Dickinson
29th March 2007, 16:41
Hi everyone

I remember C/E Dave Lambert, if i am correct his nickname was Chrome Dome. I sailed with at the same time as a Captain Lambell.

24th July 2008, 02:44
sailed on the Lauderdale in 1976 did 6 month trip from Gulf to Japan and back x 2 times

I remember us being the biggest ship loaded that could go through the Malacca straits as her draught was 72 ft which did not leave a lot of room for manouver in certain spots , Captain was John Wallace although I think Peter Bishop was there at the start of my trip , I picked up a j/r/o somewhere along the way first name was Nick ( grey cells rapidly dwindling here) he took over from me when I left in Ras Al Khaima it was a very good trip first trip with my wife on board daughter born in March next year !! must have been the liar dice we played at midnight with the C/E C/O bottle of 4 bells and throw away the cork , there were a number of us playing !!!(F(Thumb)

Clive Kaine
25th July 2008, 16:41
I was on the big L twice, in '76 and '79.

First time we were on the Gulf/Japan route, with Bernard Kelly as OM. The Chief's name was Steve ? who liked a drop of gin.

I paid off in Kuwait on 16th December with the chief, 4/E and J/E, all looking forward to Christmas at home. After 2 days in a hotel in Kuwait City waiting for a flight home, the agent informed us that all flights out were fully booked until the new year. The chief obviously didn't fancy Christmas and new year in a hotel in a dry city (nor did the rest of us!), and was straight down to the agent's office and on the phone to P&O. We were on a BA flight out the next day.

The second time I sailed on Lauderdale we were on the Tubarao - Rotterdam run with iron ore. Captain CS Robinson and C/E Dave Lambert. A good crowd on board, much better than the first time I'd been on there. Old Chrome Dome always had a Soviet flag on his desk - you didn't want to get him started on politics.

Bill Davies
25th July 2008, 17:54
Peter Bishop or 'The Bish' as he was affectionately known as. One of the few Jebel Dhanna Pilots who I can remember the other being 'Capilano' ( member on this sight).
Peter was like a breath of fresh air as on the half a dozen times I called to JD in the early /mid 80s it was always Peter who had me in tears laughing. Peter was like no one I had ever met. Another Pilot (maybe Capilano) told me Peter advised the control roon whilst he was on a small tanker in No. 1 Berth that there were only three Lamgar Buoys and the Beam Bouys were missing. The berth had been built with three in 72/73 ( I called there in the Bulk Ships) and Peter had been Piloting there three years 80/83 before he realised. A gentleman and one of the few real characters one meets up with in ones career.


Bill Davies
27th July 2008, 19:20
As a follow up to my previous. Do any of you P & O /Trident men know where Peter Bishop ended up? I seem to recall he was living in Wivelisconbe (near Taunton).

2nd August 2008, 00:24
My Late Father Norman (Nick) Harris sailed as Chief Officer on the Lauderdale..

He must have liked the ship as he named our house after it! LOL
Oh and his favourite tipple was indeed Four Bells. Of which I managed to buy a bottle of it in Benidorm last year to toast his memory..

He's On the right in this Picture Can anyone name the others as I recognise the chap he is hanging on to but cannot remember the name..

Clive Kaine
18th August 2008, 19:23
I sailed with your dad on the Kildare in 1976, he was a good bloke and I liked him a lot. I was sad to hear he's no longer with us - my sincere condolences.

The only other one I recognise in the photo is the young cadet looking straight at the camera, his name is Dave Heaselden.

18th August 2008, 20:31
Thanks for the feedback Clive..

Yup he passed away suddenly in 1995, but was still working hard in the North Sea as Master on Drilling Rigs.. With my Mother passing suddenly 4 years later.. (Sad) (Sad) .. Still, life goes on, missed but not forgotten..

I am trying to piece together my parents lifes to pass on to my own children..

Do you have any photo's of life on board?

Michael H
15th September 2008, 21:39
I sailed on Lauderdale twice in 1975 and 1976. Captain was JV Wallace and Chief Officer was Bill Patty. C/E/O was Phil Walsh on one trip and then a former RN Captain(E) Steve Barton who had sailed on the Ark Royal. Second Engineer was Tony Rainbow and Richard (Taffy) Ruddle was 3/E/O. He looks like the person to the left of the photo that Mr Harris posted with Nick his late father in it.

I rememeber the liar dice sessions with Bill Patty and Phil Walsh, I was only an A/E/O at the time but was invited into the session much to the concern of Tony the 2/E/O!! One nuckle of rum and two nuckles of coke in a half pint jug!

She was a dream to sail on as far as the Engineering side went with very few UMS alarms when we were on the "box"! We were in the crude oil cargo mode when I sailed on her and I remember on the second trip we had a fire just after entering the Gulf when were meant to crew change at RAK. I was called out to man the engine room just 10 mins before and we lost a control oil line that leaked onto the turbines and then started the fire. We were dead in the water for 8 hours or so with two black balls flying before getting under way again and crew changing in Kuwait.

I also remember Dave (Chrome Dome) Lambert but that was on the Ardlui trips I made. Converted me to communism (at least for the length of the voyage) and was way more hands on than the rest of the chiefs I sailed with.

Happy days and great experiences. Does anyone else remember the fire? It was in December 1976.

3rd February 2009, 20:51
I spent 6 months as a cadet on the Lauderdale in I think 1980/1. I remember getting off in Port Hawksbury, Nova Scotia with the 2nd mate and 'Chrome Dome'.

It took us about 5 days to get home and was a bit of a trip. We stayed in a hotel the first night while they had the worst snow storm for 25 years. The following day we got in two taxis and in whiteout conditions made it about halfway to the airport before the first taxi ran off the road and we plowed into the back of it. That meant three of us and all our bags, plus two taxi drivers piling into one taxi and then finding out that the airport was closed as was the road back to the hotel.

We ended up staying all five in one room for a night in some small motel. The Chief and 2nd Mate shared the bed, I lay on a couple of suitcases and the drivers were on the floor. There was a nice little bar / cafe across the road and we were on the chiefs expense account - so a good night was had.

4th May 2011, 21:27
My Late Father Norman (Nick) Harris sailed as Chief Officer on the Lauderdale..

He must have liked the ship as he named our house after it! LOL
Oh and his favourite tipple was indeed Four Bells. Of which I managed to buy a bottle of it in Benidorm last year to toast his memory..

He's On the right in this Picture Can anyone name the others as I recognise the chap he is hanging on to but cannot remember the name..

Hi MadScot, Sorry to hear about your Mam and Dad. I sailed with your dad on a couple of occasions on Kildare 1974( I was the electrician) and I think Jedforest 1977.he was a great guy and got on well with everyone.I think it was on the Jedforest when the capt tragically collapsed and died that you Father took over command, I'm sure he must of told you the story! If you still have his discharge book look up the dates of his promotion if you can and confirm on this thread as I'm not 100% sure of dates we sailed together. I don't think I sailed on Lauderdale with him I did a 3 month trip on her in 1975-76. Ive posted a couple of photos see "life on Board" kildare P&O BSD.
Best regards Ray Clarke

15th June 2011, 20:53
Thanks for posting the photos Ray.

Yep I know the story of My dad taking over command. I remember my mother getting a "call" Ship to shore style to tell us..

The old man is looking a little fat in the face in the photo. LOL