What happened to the Crystal?

28th January 2007, 22:01
Does anybody have any info on the trails and research vessel Crystal? She had no form of propulsion as far as I know and spent most of her time anchored in Portland harbour. She did move once when she was towed to Devonport for a refit in 81 (she was such a permanent fixture in the harbour it looked wrong without her stuck out by the breakwater).

The only details I have of her leaving was that she was towed away to Rotterdam on 18 September 1992. Any info greatly appreciated because Crystal always fascinated me as a kid, I thought a lot of secret squirrel type stuff might be going on inside and there were rumours of a glass bottom? (obviously I don't want the men in black visiting me during the night so while any secret stuff would be of great interest......I do have a family etc) :)

28th January 2007, 22:15
I did just find this...


So that explains what happened to her, but I'd still like any stories about what was done onboard!