Br. Victory 1956

31st January 2007, 09:29
If everything has gone to plan a photograph of the Br. Victory and a fleet list from 1956 should be attached.

If I remember correctly the post card was part of the introduction to BP Tankers which I received when I joined the Company, dare I say it, 50 years ago.

I also have a glossy photo type brochure somewhere, which I will dig out and post on the site sometime.

Gerry Taylor

31st January 2007, 09:35
That didn't seem to work so I shall have to have a rethink.

As I have my chores to do I will have another go later in the day.

Sorry about this.


31st January 2007, 09:39
This is my second attempt.


non descript
31st January 2007, 09:57

No worries, you will get there in the end..

when you need to add an image, scroll down to the next section on the screen and you will find:
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click on Manage Attachments

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Good luck

31st January 2007, 10:39
Thanks for that it would appear that the files are too large at 2+ mb, so I will have to try and reduce them.


31st January 2007, 11:32
This is my third attempt.


2nd February 2007, 22:10
Built by Vickers Armstrong at their yard in Barrow in Furness & completed in April 1955, she was the last of BP's supertankers with proper masts. BP sold her after 18 years service to the Aquarella Navigation Co. of Cyprus & she was renamed Marivic. She survived another 4 years before ending up at Kaohsiung for demolition on May Day 1977.
I too had this postcard as an apprentice & would cross out vessels as they went for scrap or would put a tick beside each name after I had seen that vessel. Don't know what happened to it.
Thanks for posting.
Kind regards,
John F.

non descript
3rd February 2007, 07:53
Well done, you got there. (Thumb)

3rd February 2007, 08:28
John, when I went to sea I took with me two little volumes both from Ian Allan's "abc" series. They were "British Ocean Tankers" & "Foreign Ocean Tankers" both by H. M. Le Fleming. They each cost 2/6d and were published in 1961. Every tanker I saw was underlined and I note that on joining the British Guardsman I had to add her in manuscript. I still have them both in very good condition, apart from my additions that is.