Hms Chatham

3rd December 2004, 10:14
Batch 3 Type 22 frigate completed by Swan Hunter in 1989.I took this in Glasgow in 2001.Several Type 22s are to be sold off under the Defence Review but don/t think she is one of them.Nearly all the Type 22s are Yarrow built except for the Swan Hunter builds.

6th December 2004, 07:59
the 4 batch 3 t22s are all to be kept
for the forseable future some are being refited with mk8 mod 1 guns
another thing of mention, is in the days of Wrens at sea, i believe Chatham was the last major RN warship to be men only

7th December 2004, 13:11
Thanks for that;changed days at sea now!!

2nd January 2011, 02:57
I realise this is a very old post but I've just joined the forum and was looking up old ships. I served on Chatham 1993-1994 leaving during a docking period at Devonport during which she was converted to accommodate Wrens and now, of course, sadly at the end of her service.