The Tyser Legacy: A history of the Port Line and it's associated companies

Emmanuel Makarios
2nd February 2007, 07:58
The book has been writen by Ian Farquhar and has been published by the New Zealand Ship & Marine Society. With more than 240 black & white and colour photos,comprehensive fleet lists and information on ship names and company figures. This is the definitive history of this great British shipping company. The book consists of 376 pages. This book would have to be a must for ex-Port Line men or those with a passion for ships and the sea.
While it has been published in NZ I believe that the book will be made available in limited numbers in the UK. Those interested can write to Captain Mike Pryce ( Wellington Harbour Master) and National secretary of the NZ Ship & Marine Society P.O. Box 5104 Wellington, NZ -
I highly recommend this book it would be an excellent book to add to any maritime library.

19th February 2007, 22:41
Can be purchased in the UK from 'Ships in Focus' at <ships in>