Tanker Cherry Duke

3rd February 2007, 11:34
Whilst looking through my collection of memorabilia I came across four photographs of the Tanker Cherry Duke which suffered an on board explosion, Iv'e posted three photos in the Gallery.

I was working on the Umm Shaif Complex at the time and this event would have taken place around about 1980. We heard the explosion on the platform and then the details started to trickle in to us. There was a big panic on because of fears that she might sink on top of and damage the main oil and gas lines from the Complex to Das Island.

As far as I recall there was only one fatality. Fortunately the incident occurred close to Das and their tugs and and our helicopters were able to provide immediate assistance.

I was shown other photographs that were actually taken on board the tanker after the explosion which showed severe wastage and perforations of the gas lines in fact you could see daylight through the coamings of the cargo tank hatches. So obviously this tanker was well past her sell by date and the explosion had loosened the rust which had been keeping her together.

I hovered over the wreck in one of the helicopters, prior to the after end sinking it was aproper mess. Ubfortunately due to fears of spying we were not allowed to have cameras offshore. These photos were taken by one of the Plant Inspectors, whose name I have forgotten, as they were permitted to have a camera for their work.

With the passage of time full details of the incident have escaped me, but I think the Cherry Duke was under the Chines or Singapore flag.

If anyone out there can provide any further details I would be obliged.

Gerry Taylor

29th November 2007, 14:19

The CTX database http://www.c4tx.org/job/cdb/search.html has an entry
on this explosion. Search on ship name and then select precise.
The comment about the corrosion is very valuable
and will be incorporated.

Keep the faith,

Jack Devanney