Otaio / Eastern Academy

Mark Taxis
6th December 2004, 11:38
I did my first 2 trips at sea on the Otaio.
I believe she was sold in 1977 and renamed the Eastern Academy, I have heard that she spent all of her time alongside in Karachi, does anytone know if this is true and if so Why? did she have major engine troubles?
Any info/ pictures gratefully rec'd

6th December 2004, 13:16
Yes she passed under lib. flag in 1976 and succesfull in 1981 she changed
flag and passed under Si flag (Saudi arabia) then scrapped i think the same or last year.

7th December 2004, 09:35
Sold by P&O to Gulf Shipping Lines in 1976, I believe that she was still used as a Cadet ship. Don't know anything about any engine trouble or being alongside at Karachi for any length of time.
Broken up at Gadani Beach in 1982.

Bob S
7th December 2004, 18:55
Hi Mark,

See OTAIO thread under Historic Shipping Lines and ships.

Bob S

Allwyn D'Souza
10th March 2006, 09:53
Hi Mark,

I stumbled upon this website the other day and read your message.
I served as a deck cadet on the "Eastern Academy" (ex-"Otaio") from Sept 1977 to Dec 1978. She was definitely not laid up in Karachi. It must have been for a short time towards the end of her life prior to scrapping.

During the time I was on board she actively traded carrying reefer cargo between Aus/NZ and the Middle East. WE had 40 cadets under training at any one time and the study program was managed by Southampton Nautical College in those days. I have some fond memories of my voyages on the regal lady.


10th March 2006, 13:43
Welcome Allwyn to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer.

Mark Taxis
12th March 2006, 22:20
Many thanks for taking the time to reply, to the question. It is much apreciated.
Iwonder how many cadets passed through this ship during her days as the Otaio and later the Eastern Academy

Tom Haywood
13th March 2006, 02:13
Good to see that she still had some trade in her after being sold out of P & O especially still carrying cadets. I remember from my time on her that she was in excellant shape and under the 1st Refrig (Peter Wright) the refrigeration plant and machinery was kept in top working condition.
Except for a few early voyages I think Peter was on her to the end.