HMS Nottingham

6th February 2007, 07:03
HMS Nottingham departs Gibraltar 05/02, according to Press reports she suffered an engine room fire at about lunchtime on 26/01/07, She had left Gibraltar that morning at 08.00 LT to conduct her PWO firings. She arrived back in Gibraltar the same day at Midnight with tugs being dispatched to tow her in. In fact she came in on one engine. Reports suggest that one of the propeller shaft braking systems broke when applied during the fire. Spares were flown to Gibraltar. However now the MoD is claiming there was no fire and it was just a component failure. Hmmmmm methinks!
The ship left after repairs on 01/02 to partially resume her PWO returning again 03/02 for a weekend stop before departing to the Uk 05/02/07.
Picture HMS Nottingham departing from Gibraltar 05/02/07
Rgds Neill

6th February 2007, 12:34
hopefully under reduced power she won't do the rock any damage
she has a liking for rocks if i remember about 5 years ago

6th February 2007, 15:57
For us non grey funnel folk - what does PWO mean?

7th February 2007, 07:20
PWO is Principle Warfare Officer and the live firings take place in the Gibraltar Exercise area south-east of the Rock, we normally get about 3 exercises per year.
And not only the little Rock incident! she had an engine fire while in the Gulf, she lost her Lynx in the Gulf when it apparently ran out of fuel and while out on duty in the Med last year with SNMG2 managed to damage one of her prop shafts and had to come in to Gib for repairs, and now this incident!
Rgds Neill
Actually this morning I was told that she is still in the exercise areas with another warship! and is conducting tests against the 5 RAF Hawks which are on a 2-week detachment in Gib on "Exercise Combat Rock".

29th July 2007, 18:18
The fire was caused by the shaft brake sticking on and igniting a small amount of oil in the vicinity. It was only a flash fire and was out in seconds.

29th July 2007, 18:19
Video of HMS Nottingham returning to Portsmouth Harbour.