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Dorington Court (1)

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Court Line used the name Dorington Court for five ships:

  1. Dorington Court (1) - a cargo ship completed in 1908 - the topic of this article
  2. Dorington Court (2) - a cargo ship completed in 1915
  3. Dorington Court (3) - a cargo ship completed in 1939
  4. Dorington Court (4) - a cargo ship completed in 1940 and originally named Empire Meteor
  5. Dorington Court (5) - a cargo ship completed in 1957

Dorington Court (1) was sold to Norwegian owners before WW1, was in service for 12 years and was wrecked in 1920.

Basic Data

  • Type: Cargo ship
  • Registered owners,managers and operators: Court Line Ltd. - Managers Haldinstien and Co.
  • Builders: R.Stephenson & Co.Ltd.
  • Yard: Hebburn Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Country: UK
  • Yard number: 113
  • Registry: N/K
  • Official number: 125671
  • Signal letters: N/K
  • Call sign: N/K
  • Classification society: N/K
  • Gross tonnage: 4,426
  • Net tonnage: 2,782
  • Deadweight: N/K
  • Length: 355.5 ft
  • Breadth: 50 ft
  • Depth: 27.6 Ft
  • Draught: N/K
  • Engines: Triple expansion steam engine
  • Engine builders: Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co.Ltd.
  • Works: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Country: UK
  • Power: 356 nhp
  • Propulsion: Single screw
  • Speed: N/K
  • Boilers: N/K
  • Cargo capacity:N/K
  • Crew: N/K
  • Employment: General purpose cargo vessel

Career Highlights

  • March 1908: Completed
  • 1913: Sold to Akties Dmsk. Vally - Management P.Gjerding, Bergen, Norway and renamed VALLY.
  • 1914: Sold to Den Norske Amerikalinie, Christiana, Norway renamed ROMSDALFJORD.
  • 10 Dec 1920: Wrecked at the Blind Sisters Rock, Sambro, near Halifax, Nova Scotia

Service History

No information currently available apart from changes of owners and names and final fate when she hit rocks and sunk on route from Narvik to Baltimore with a cargo of iron ore.

External resource #3 has a map showing the location of the wreck here: Chart showing location of wreck

External resources

  1. Miramar Ship Index: [1]
  2. Norman Middlemiss: Travel of the Tramps - Twenty Tramp Fleets ISBN: 1871128021
  3. NSWrecks website: http://nswrecks.net/


Awaiting an image of this vessel


  1. Initial information provided by Clive Ketley and John Powell
  2. Additional research and construction of entry by Benjidog

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